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Keith Hufnagel’s graffiti tag from his skateboarding days in gritty New York evolved into super ? skate, streetwear and sneaker store-brand HUF. Keith’s take on things has always been very DIY and nonchalant. And that’s what he brings out in HUF’s lines, which by the way have been crafted to 'withstand the abuses sustained during skateboarding'!?
While you may not have heard of HUF before but maybe you remember one of their most popular products – the weed socks?
The brand started out as a shop to sell hard-to-comeby skate goods back in 2002, in San Francisco, but soon it was also a label. We’ve seen a similar trajectory for other brands like Supreme and more recently, Patta. This organic growth is only possible when the founder really skates the talk ?. 
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